Mackenzie Perras is a painter and an intermedia artist. His work is an amalgam of influences and a testament to the impermanence of the phenomenological world. Straddling the abstract and portraiture, his images often centre around texture and exercise. Psychology, technical experiment and critical wit interrelate throughout Mackenzie’s work, creating vulnerable, exposed avenues of interrogation. Largely a collection of emotional portraits, his work tells the story of young characters interacting with a complicated, decaying world on shifting terms. Sometimes fawning, sometimes grotesque; there is a challenging honesty that runs through his work.

He also plays around with soundscapes, photography, the written word and film. Born in Canada, he was educated at McGill University and raised by the Montréal arts scene. Consciously focused on delocalizing his practice as much as possible, he is currently based out of Mumbai, India. He is actively seeking international projects, exhibition, and collaborations: click here to contact